About Me - Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones is a professional photographer who has been lucky enough to let her love for animals and her passion for photography collide.  Never being without a pet, currently at home, she has 4 dogs, a few frogs and 2 lizards.

Photography has been an interest of hers as long as she can remember; which was accelerated by her high school photography class, and soon after, other photography classes outside of school. And now her camera is glued to her wherever she goes.

With her career, she works closely with different local rescue organizations by donating her time and efforts to benefit animal rights. Her work can be found on petfinder.com, in local newspapers, billboards to benefit animal rescue, and other various local business websites.

Along with specializing in pet photography, she has a collection of scenic photos on here, with prints available for purchase.

Please feel free to follow Jennifer Jones Photography on facebook, to keep current on different events and specials. Click here to go to her facebook page

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