2019 Santa Paws

🎅 ðŸĶī ðŸŽ…  ðŸĶī 🎅 ðŸĶī 🎅 ðŸĶī 🎅 


We have decided that we will NOT be holding our annual Santa Paws event this year. 😊 We will miss getting to see everyone this year and sharing s fun day with family, friends and all the pups! I had a shoulder surgery at beginning of the year, that is still not going to allow for such a long day with a camera in hand the entire time. But I'm healing. Just no way to pull an 8 hour day like that. We also found out were pregnant 😁 a few months back, and my back now will not allow for that kind of day as well. And then there is the concern with all the face to face, and [dog tongues] to faces. ðŸĪĢ So, for the safety and health of all concerned, we are going to take this year off from major events and such, due to above reasons. I would normally not go into such detail....but I know the questions will come. So, hoping to head a few of them off. I hope everyone truly understands, we will miss you this year!!! Take care, Jen

Augusta's Next Top Dog 2019

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Baby Weaver Gender Reveal

Dog Gone Cold Race 2019

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